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Welcome to the Business Mentors Sunshine Coast,
Start Up Mentorship Program.

Are you an entrepreneur striving to navigate the complex landscape of starting a new

Are you a startup founder seeking guidance to turn your vision into a successful

Look no further- our Entrepreneur Business Mentoring program is designed with you
in mind.
The Entrepreneur Program is available to Pre-Startups and some Businesses under 12-
Months old.


How do we expect to help you?
Starting a new business is a difficult balancing act of many factors and timings. Turning the
business into a success takes enormous amounts of energy, flexibility, focus and often
finance. The keys to success vary significantly depending on the type of business and the
business acumen of the Owner.

We look to help you focus on what is most important at any point in time whilst providing you
with an external view of your business model based on extensive business experience.
Typical areas addressed, but by no means complete or relevant to each start up, are:

- Product and market – knowing what your product is, how it is differentiated from
competitors, what the potential market looks like.


- Sourcing and production – sourcing your product or service, managing costs and
continuity of supply.


- Finance – managing profit, cash flow, investors to provide the business with the
means to make money and grow.


- Security and risk – managing factors like patents and business threats, recognising,

and adapting to impediments.


- Planning – focusing on the priorities and resources to achieve the best outcomes in
the shortest times.


-  Management systems to support your Business Model.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey with the confidence of having a seasoned
mentor by your side. Our Business Mentoring program is the catalyst for your
success. Join today and unlock the full potential of your business.

Fees Payable –
3-Month Entrepreneur Mentorship $100
Additional Mentoring Meetings $50 per session
Full 12-Month Business Mentorship $300
(Conditions Apply)
For further information contact the Mentee Co-ordinator at -

How the Entrepreneur Program Works:

Functionality You Will Love


Sign Up: Visit our website and complete the following:

- An Expression of Interest form highlighting your business details and mentoring
-  A Business Readiness Health Check designed to assess your preparedness and
knowledge of what is required to start a business. The result of this test will
determine what level of mentoring is required and your suitability to become a
part of the program.
-  Agree to and Sign a Confidentiality Agreement and Mentor/Mentee Agreement.
Please print, sign, and bring along to first meeting.


Mentoring Sessions: We provide three, monthly mentoring sessions in the
Entrepreneur Mentorship

Kick-Off Session: Meet your mentor in a kick off session to evaluate the results
of your Business Readiness Health Check and establish a strong foundation
for a successful mentoring relationship. Discussion and guidance on the areas
still needing attention before launching the business. Together, you will
develop an action plan for your road ahead.
Second Meeting: In-person meeting with your mentor will be to discuss
progress, challenges, and strategies raised in the action plan. Diligent
planning and research now, will save many headaches in progressing your
business. Our flexible approach ensures that mentoring fits into your busy
Third Meeting: The third and final meeting will review your readiness to put
your plans into action concerning finance, the Business Model, marketing,
management systems, staff, premises, and regulatory compliance.



We aim to provide the support and guidance to get you through the early days of your new business. Two mentors will be appointed for the duration of your mentorship.


Bonus Benefits:

As a member of our mentorship program, you will be invited to all
mentee events, seminars, and skills training for the duration of your mentorship.


Continuous Support:

Even after the official mentoring period ends, you remain a part
of our community. There is an opportunity to have additional meetings if required at
$50.00 per session. Also, there will be ongoing networking opportunities and an
option for you to take on a full 12-month Mentorship as an active business for $200.00
per year.

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