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Why You Should Consider Business Mentoring.

Are you a small to medium size business owner who would like to receive a year’s worth of business guidance and support for just $200?

You  are probably thinking, what's the catch? 


Business Mentors Sunshine Coast is a Not-For-Profit organization  run by passionate volunteers. The $200 is to cover the cost of insurance and running the organization. Our mentors are successful individuals who offer their expertise free of charge so you can succeed and grow your business and profits. 


The twelve month mentoring  program is designed to provide the guidance and support you need in your business right now. From start up, to overcoming unique challenges, identifying growth opportunities and pathways, or succession planning just to name a few. 


You'll be matched  with  experienced mentors who can guide you to achieve your business goals and help you discover what is needed to improve, grow, overcome barriers, and leverage opportunities.  All our mentors are volunteers and driven by their passion for business and the desire to give back after experiencing the thrill of their own business success.


Who better to do this with than someone who understands the challenges, knows your market sector, and has a wealth of experience in the world of business?


Small and medium size businesses that have been trading for over 12 months are eligible for the program.  We have a group of experienced  mentors that collectively have an impressive depth and breadth of business experience and are now giving back to their community to see more businesses succeed. These mentors bring a wealth of expertise across a wide range of business sectors both nationally and international.


Business mentoring is not just for businesses who are struggling. Working with a mentor gives your business the best chance at reaching the next level of success, with the accountability, support and guidance only years of experience can bring.


We believe most businesses could significantly benefit  from mentoring, and we would welcome matching you with your own business Mentors today.


Register your interest  by:

Emailing:  ,

Phoning:             0455 272 583

Contact us:       Submitting your details 

Business Meeting

Our Story

According to sunshine coast council, the sunshine coast is home to more than 33,000 local businesses – many of which are small businesses owned by local families. They are the backbone of our local economy and community. Their collective success or failures have broad reaching impacts on us all to some extent. Stronger businesses equates to more opportunities and a stronger economy and community.     

Business Mentors Sunshine Coast (BMSC) is a Not-for-Profit having a positive impact on local businesses by  supporting them to overcome challenges and grow and prosper. 


The program has successfully delivered over 100 mentor sessions in the last 5 years to local businesses.  BMSC was originally operating under the banner of the Sunshine Coast Chamber Alliance since inception in September 2018. When the Chamber Alliance was wound up in 2023 BMSC forged an exciting new partnership with Mooloolaba Rotary Club and have now gained their own Not-For-Profit status.

BMSC is run by volunteers who have extensive business experience in executive management, marketing, accounting or similar roles in large organizations or have run and managed their own successful businesses. The collective knowledge spans across a broad array of industries. Mentors are typically retired, or in a position where they can afford the time to share their knowledge and experience and have a desire to give back.

Meet The Team

Peter Bell 1 Fav.JPG
Peter Bell -  Secretary

 - Mooloolaba Rotary

Stewart McConnell 1 Fav(1).JPG
Stewart McConnell - Business Mentor

- Business Mentoring

Paul Swerdlow 1 Fav.JPG
Paul Swerdlow - Business Mentor

- Shopping Center Management, Tenant Relations, Small Business Support

Virginia Tobias - Business Mentor

- Sales, Business Development, Leadership & Management

Danney Smith 4 Fav.JPG
Danny Smith - Business Mentor

Digital Marketing, Technology

Neil Ware.jpg
Neil Ware - Business Mentor

- Importing, warehousing and distribution

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